Lazer Introduces All-New Cage Full Face Helmet with KinetiCore Technology

The first full face helmet to achieve a 5-star rating from Virginia Tech.


For those who tackle the climbs to charge the descents with confidence, Lazer introduces the Cage KinetiCore, the first ever full face helmet with a published 5-Star (best available) protection rating from Virginia Tech. Thanks to Lazer's advanced KinetiCore technology, the Cage features innovative rotational and direct impact protection built into the helmet for the ultimate lightweight, well-ventilated helmet performance.

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Designed for the modern enduro racer pushing their limits on course, Cage KinetiCore provides excellent airflow for maximum breathability, making it equally comfortable for race runs and the long climb back to the top. The anti-slip grip on the back of the helmet keeps goggles securely in place for the roughest descents, while the magnetic buckle eliminates gloved hands fumbling with the chin strap.

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Look and feel fast with the clean, modern design of the Cage KinetiCore. Available in a wide range of sizes and five rad, matte finish colourways.

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Cage KinetiCore Specs:

  • Available in 5 sizes: XS-XL
  • Available in 5 colors: Matte Black, Matte Cobalt, Matte Green, Matte White, Matte Orange
  • Lightweight: 820 grams
  • MSRP: €279.99, $299.99 USD

Cage KinetiCore Features:

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Magnetic Buckle

No more fumbling with your helmet buckle while wearing gloves.

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Secure Goggle Position

Goggle grip reduces risk of goggle slip.

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Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre reinforced shell for added protection and lightweight.

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ASTM Certified

Internationally approved for downhill racing.

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Neck Brace Compatible

The Cage KinetiCore is designed to fit with a neck brace to boost protection.

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Personalized fit

Optimize the fit with 2 different size included check pads.

Lazer KinetiCore Technology

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Reimagining modern helmet design with over ten years of research, development, and testing, Lazer’s KinetiCore helmet technology features built-in rotational-impact protection thanks to unique Controlled Crumple Zones incorporated into the internal structure of the helmet. The result of this integrated design is advanced multi-directional protection that allows riders to charge the trail with confidence. KinetiCore’s built-in technology also uses less overall material for improved ventilation, a lighter-weight helmet design, and fewer plastics used in construction.

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About Lazer

Founded in 1919, Lazer has led the industry in helmet innovation, design, protection, and technology. A century of heritage, experience and passion means our helmets are some of the most advanced, lightweight, stylish and well-ventilated on the market.

As a company, we’re constantly striving to forge new paths and disrupt the standard way of thinking. All our products are designed in Belgium and are available for every cyclist, based on the principle of universality, yet we’ve never forgotten our roots – we still ride our products over cobbled farm roads, and we’re still reaching to new heights to innovate, improve and create what we would want to use ourselves.



Lazer is passion, performance, and the joy of riding.


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