Lazer: Focused on mountain biking.

Focused on MTB

Riding a mountain bike has to be one of the best feelings in the world. It is so universal that anyone will find something they love about it. Freedom, confidence, fun, friends… Listing it all would take years.

At Lazer, we truly believe that mountain biking should be accessible to anyone, from hardcore freeriders to young kids. We strive to contribute to a society where any cyclist can enjoy riding in safety and are committed to making your riding experience as fun as possible. Any mountain biker will find the perfect mountain biking helmet for them in our product range, bringing them freedom, initiative, style, enjoyment & confidence. But what does that really mean?

Freeride mountain biking legend Thomas Vanderham took us on a sick day of riding with his friends on their home trails of Squamish, Canada. For Lazer, this is what MTB is all about. Check it out!

The video features riders wearing the Lazer Jackal, Coyote & Impala because we strongly believe that anyone should find their perfect MTB helmet in our range!

Have a look at our MTB product range on or (USA & Canada only).

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4. About Lazer: Lazer’s products are the result of 100 years of expertise, passion and dedication. Lazer is always trying to create the perfect mix between design, comfort, safety and technology. This attitude has shaped Lazer into one of the most innovative helmet companies in the world.


Lazer designs bicycle helmets on its home soil in Belgium and markets these products globally, in almost every country, on every continent. Over the years, Lazer teamed up with some of the greatest champions the world has ever seen to create some of the most progressive products ever used! Today we continue the tradition of working with top athletes to create world-class products. Lazer stands for the passion of performance and the joy of riding.

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