Introducing SHIMANO RIDESCAPE: focus on performance with scene-specific vision

  • SHIMANO’s new range of scene-specific cycling lenses raise the bar when it comes to technical eyewear that visibly enhances your ride, whatever the ride looks like.
  • New Aerolite P and Equinox4 models plus current S-PHYRE, Spark and Technium models will feature Ridescape lenses

Shimano has announced a new eyewear technology known as RIDESCAPE. The technology features in five new cycling lenses that will be available in the company's five top of the range S-PHYRE, Aerolite P, Equinox4, Spark and Technium eyewear models for road riders and mountain bikers.

With five different lenses (extra sunny, road, gravel, trail & cloudy) RIDESCAPE eyewear is scientifically engineered to boost the colours and contrast that are unique to different types of riding. The lenses are individually tailored to specific light, surfaces and surroundings to give riders scene-specific vision.

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Besides being scene-specific, RIDESCAPE lenses are made from an ultra-clear and lightweight Polyamide with a low refractive level and optimum light transmittance for laser-sharp optics.


  • RIDESCAPE ES: Extra sunny-tuned lenses minimize light transmittance to shield your eyes from extreme sunshine and blinding road glare. This reduces eye strain and makes differences in the ground’s texture easier to see.
  • RIDESCAPE RD: All-round road-tuned lenses enhance certain colors and suppress others to boost asphalt contrast and visibility. This reduces eye strain and makes it easier to spot and react to hazards like potholes and rocks from afar.
  • RIDESCAPE GR: Gravel-tuned lenses boost the contrast of a wide range of surfaces to highlight subtle transitions between gravel, dirt, and asphalt.
  • RIDESCAPE OR: Off-Road-tuned lenses reduce glare from the sun when riding in and out of the shade and sharpen visual awareness so you can react more quickly to various trail surfaces (rocks, soil, sand) and common obstacles (roots, stumps, gaps).
  • RIDESCAPE CL: Cloudy-tuned lenses boost light transmittance for better visual performance in dark, cloudy, and wet riding situations. Anti-reflection coating reduces oncoming headlight glare.

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In addition to launching RIDESCAPE lenses, SHIMANO has also added to its range of top-end sunglasses with two new frame designs for road and off-road.

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Aerolite P: The all-new Aerolite P (Panorama) is an aerodynamic rimless model that wraps around the face to give a protected panoramic field of vision. It features ultrasonic welding between the lens and arm to decrease optical distortion and weight. It is compatible with RIDESCAPE ES and RD lenses.

Equinox4: The Equinox4 half-rim model sports an aggressive style that not only looks great but makes the glasses extra stiff and sturdy. A reversible nose pad and non-toxic TPE temple grippers add compatibility and comfort. The Equinox4 fits RIDESCAPE RD and OR lenses making it perfect for multi-discipline riders.

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RIDESCAPE eyewear will be available in stores from March 2021.

RIDESCAPE: The Future Never Looked Lighter



1. Embargo: Wed, March 31st, 2021 18:00 CET

2. Product images: Available for download here:

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