New Shimano Technium eyewear helps riders stay on their line in demanding trail conditions

New lens enhances spectrum transmittance for better view of trail hazards

Eyewear isn’t just for protecting your eyes, with the right lens you can even improve your vision. With the new Technium eyewear from Shimano you can actually sharpen up the clarity of your vision, making sunlight and glare appear darker, and trail objects appear brighter, leaving you to truly see the light.

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Trail hazards such as wet roots, baby boulders and sudden drops can catch out unsuspecting riders and turn an epic day into something a lot less fun. But by keeping your vision sharp you have a better chance of avoiding these hazards and remaining on your bike.

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As well as that, the Technium’s one-piece lens gives a wide angle of vision, putting less stress on the eyes and offering greater protection with a broad coverage against pebbles and dust.

Shimano head of eyewear development Hisataka Takada said: To come up with this particular lens we looked at typical colors on the trail - from rocks, tree roots, grass, shrubs, and in wet and dry, and sunny and dull conditions - and looked at the amount of light we needed to let into the lens so the riders could easily pick out those colors. Then we complemented that research with a protective lens and a great looking frame to create a pair of riding glasses that make a noticeable difference to your performance.”

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The Technium models have a full Grilamid TR90 frame for added protection and barely trouble the scales at 26g. The arms have a secure fitting around the temple with a non-slip pattern and airflow vents in the lens corners prevent fogging.

Options come in a Metallic Black, Mat Olive, Mustard Yellow, or Spice Red frame design with Orange/Blue Mirror and interchangeable Clear lenses.

Shimano Technium eyewear is available at Shimano stockists throughout Europe.

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