S-PHYRE race wear

SHIMANO’s S-PHYRE clothing continues in its quest to design the lowest drag and most aerodynamic performance with a new material for the elite level jersey and bib shorts combination.

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Elements such as the TAIANA DRAG-ZERO woven material with its dimpled surface on the front, upper sleeves and shoulders of the jerseys helps minimize form drag.

The snug, compression feeling and stretchable nature of the woven fabric helps to reduce wrinkles and ensures no flapping material even at high riding speeds. The structure of the woven fabric, which uses a large amount of very thin yarns, is designed to minimize the passage of the air flow through the front of the jersey, instead directing air up and over the body. Meanwhile the flat and smooth fabric on the lower back helps to minimze friction drag and the compact structure of the fabric also support riders’ muscles, helping circulation and recovery.

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S-PHYRE’s bib shorts feature KINETECH woven fabrics for a lighter weight than knitted shorts with better water glide and optimum water repellency thanks to the compact and smooth textile surface. This results in a higher efficiency short that performs at its best in wind tunnel tests at speed between 36km to 120km. The chamois itself features four layers; an outer soft-touch polyester microfiber surface with improved moisture transport and quick drying benefits, two inner layers of different foam materials for ventilation, moisture management, support and load distribution, and finally the bottom layer for extra durability and comfort.

Further features such as the reversed zip and cam lock zipper, bonded seams, form fitting silicon seam grips, race neck line, longer sleeves, elasticated pocket openings and fast-drying 4-layer chamois pad all add to the premium features to be expected of an elite-level clothing set for riders who need to stay at the top of their game.

The new S-PHYRE jerseys come in a stealth-looking black with blue flash or stealth-looking black with green flash.


The EVOLVE range brings four new colourways for 2020. EVOLVE is designed as a performance line for high performance and high comfort, especially on long rides. It offers great breathability, handy storage space and 360 degree reflective elements, perfect for those looking for the best quality, elegant appearance and a comfortable endurance fitting style.

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The outer layer of the jerseys features a UPF50+ stretchable and light weight SENSITIVE PLUS fabric with a soft, lightweight mesh in contact with the skin to absorb moisture. The jersey also features laser cut holes on upper front, back and underarm, to increase airflow and reduce perspiration. This combination allows the rider to feel fresh and dry, even during the longest and warmest bike rides.

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Much like the S-PHYRE design, the EVOLVE jersey features a full-length zipper with Shimano’s cam lock puller plus bonded seams on the front and the long sleeves. Differences come in the pocket construction with inner dividers to storage food, tools and valuables, including a waterproof pocket.

The EVOLVE range comes in Turquoise, Charcoal, Navy and Burgundy.


The SUMIRE range also introduces four new colour designs for 2020, coming in a cut designed for women. The anatomic form of the jersey focuses on the shoulder/chest and side panels to offer a more comfortable fit than unisex jerseys.

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Fabric are light weight and soft to the touch, with grippers at sleeve and jersey body openings. Full covered zippers, reflective elements and a technical 3-pocket construction combine to create an elegant and appealing jersey that can be colour matched with footwear and accessories elsewhere in the Shimano range.



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