Shimano's Clean, Lube and Care range gives you the 3-step approach to looking after your bike

It’s often stated that clean bikes go faster. The grime, gunk, debris and dust on a dirty bike will combine to add friction, robbing your drivetrain of the power you’re putting in. But what should you choose to keep your pride and joy looking spick and span? Shimano has the answer with its new Clean, Lube & Cares lines.

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As the name implies, the collection is designed with Shimano’s recommended 3-step approach to cleaning your bike. Bike cleaning should start with Cleaning products like a degreaser or wash, followed by Lubricating products to keep parts moving freely, and finally with Care products such as multi-bike polishes, grease and anti-seize compounds to ensure long-lasting use.

The aerosol-based cleaners, lubricants and care products use environmentally-friendly air-based pressure, which is non-flammable and can be used in confined spaces. Products include the 125ml, 200ml and new 400ml Degreaser, Bike Wash, Cable Lube and Bike Polish, which are designed with helpful features like a 360° nozzle so you can use the can upside down on hard to reach areas, and pressurized air bags to ensure you can use 100% of the products inside.

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The bottle-based products include a 100ml wax-based PTFE Lube for lubricating and penetrating moving parts in dry conditions, or a 100ml Wet Lube with greater water resistance for wet weather riding, available individually or as a 12-piece collection with a counter-top carton display. Other bottle-based products like Degreaser and Bike Wash include large volume 1000ml versions designed for workshop usage.

Together with the extended range comes a rebranded 3-step Clean, Lube & Care identity on the items and dedicated in-store point of sale (eg freestanding, counter-top and slatwall displays) to help make the cleaners, lubes and care products easily identifiable when products hit shop floors during December.


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