PRO puts out a new Vibe; aerodynamic handlebar and stem with half grip option

  • New VIBE EVO promises an evolution in integration
  • Aerodynamic and ergonomic advancements in a bespoke design to improve your ride

Launching today (Tuesday 27th July) PRO’s new Vibe Evo handlebars take style, aerodynamic optimisation and ergonomic comfort to a new level with an integral stem, hose and cable integration, top section grips which seamlessly transition into the hoods, all wrapped up in a neat carbon package.

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As the control centre of the bike, the handlebar is the area where riders devote the majority of their focus, and, as part of the frontal area, they are a source of aerodynamic consideration too. So when you’re choosing how to upgrade your bike, race-comfort and aerodynamically advanced handlebars are more than worthy of your consideration.

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Building on those considerations, PRO’s new Vibe Evo bars are packed with features to enthuse even the most detail-orientated, gear head.

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The starting point was to design the handlebars around the concept of providing the best sports bike experience. Their futuristic look – with the stem sweeping into wide top section, curving into hoods and down to the compact drops – hints at their superb functionality.

They boast a lightweight but strong 390g T700 carbon construction with five comfortable hand grip options (on the tops, in the pursuit position, corner grip, on the hoods and on the drops).

Entry and exit ports to the bars allow shifter cables and hoses to run cleanly and silently through the inside of the handlebars and out through the stem. This means the front end of the bike can be clean and cable-free.

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The drops can either be wrapped with handlebar tape or they can take PRO’s specially designed Ergonomic Drop-Grip (PRGP0087) which ensure great control in all weather conditions. Constructed from a high-grade rubber their textured finish ensures both comfort and relentless grip even in pouring rain. The replaceable grips on the tops of the Vibe Evo handlebars negate the need for wrapping the tops, meaning that a single role of tape is ample for wrapping both drops.

Completing the seamless integration is the attachment point for a forward bicycle computer mount. Two rivnuts sit on the underside of the bar/stem area, providing a fixing point for bike computer mounts (or other mountable bags and accessories) to integrate into the handlebar’s aerodynamic design.

PRO Product Development Team Manager Mark Kikkert: “We looked at the cockpit as a complete system, not just a handlebar and stem. We took into consideration the placement of brake/shift levers and how the shape of the handlebar could provide a more seamless transition for more comfort.

"There’s ergonomic features for comfortable riding all day long, aerodynamic features with the top shape, and a provision for holding an aerodynamic/pursuit position on the bike. Plus being a one-piece design, the handlebar is plenty stiff enough for all-out sprint efforts. This means the handlebar can suit a lot of different riders.

“Finally the integration of the top grip is a unique way to offer comfort and control, while simultaneously keeping the aerodynamic profile and cutting down on the total system weight compared to using regular handlebar tape.

"With the new Vibe Evo we are entering a new era for integrated cockpits that PRO has been offering for over 15 years."

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The bars include allow +/- 2 degrees of stem angle adjustment with a 1 1/8 shim. Fitting of 1 1/4 steerer tubes is possible with the removal of the shim. The bars come in widths of 38, 40 and 42cm with stem lengths of 105, 115 and 125mm.  

PRO Vibe Evo handlebars will be available from retailers from July 2021 onwards. PRO Ergonomic Drop Grips available from November 2021 onwards.


1.       EMBARGO TIME/DATE: 16:00 CEST, Tuesday 27th July, 2021.


2.        IMAGES: Studio & lifestyle shots available to download here:


3.       PRICING: Please contact your local sales office for local pricing


4.       VICTORIES: The Vibe Evo handlebar is currently being ridden by Deceuninck-Quickstep rider Fabio Jakobsen who scored two wins with it at the Tour de Wallonie last week.

5. ABOUT PRO: Join the PRO Community and experience a better sports bicycle experience. Each one of our products is born from relentless research, development and testing, utilising the latest material and design technologies. From professional athletes to casual riders, whether you are racing or cycling to the shop, PRO’s components help ensure you get the most from your bike. Achieve the perfect fit. Select the most comfortable saddle. And keep your bicycle in show-room condition with PRO components, tools and accessories.


5.        WHY PRO:

·       PRO offers you a better sports bicycle experience.

·       PRO puts your needs at the centre of every product we develop.

·       PRO relies on the feedback of riders to continually develop and refine products.

·       Each PRO handlebar, stem and seatpost product boasts a Lifetime Warranty*

·       30-day Money-Back Guarantee on all PRO saddles.

·       Everyone at PRO is as passionate about riding bikes as you are.

* Product expected lifetime 10 years.


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