New PRO Stealth Curved and next-gen PRO Stealth saddles keep you aero for longer

• New Curved model designed for those who shift from left-to-right in the saddle
• First-generation Stealth saddles undergo re-design and drop weight

When it comes to sitting on a bike, there are those who are rock-solid in their positioning, and then there are those who move around as if they have an itch to scratch. The new PRO Stealth Curved saddle is designed for these riders.

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With such variation in riding styles and saddle preferences, PRO now offers ten models in its Stealth range, all featuring its recognisable short and wide nose and trapezoid rear shape, designed for putting more power through the pedals in a deep, aerodynamic fashion.

The two new Stealth Curved saddles (Team and Performance) bring a new shape to the family with a curved profile, extended sides and a weaved side profile to ensure that riders have more of a fixed position and do not slide back and forth.

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As well as this, the original Stealth Team and Performance saddles (below) from the previous generation have undergone a re-engineering 'under the hood' and as well as a visual re-design to match the aesthetic direction of PRO's latest Falcon, Turnix and Griffon saddles. The Stealth's highly-praised fit has been retained but a new base construction brings improved performance qualities.

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Stealth Curved

Going more into depth on the new Stealth Curved model, it comes in two versions, the elite Team version and the high-end Performance version.

The PRO Stealth Curved Team features a carbon-reinforced polymer base and carbon rails and at 161g, it is perfect for riders looking for the lowest weight posterior perch.

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Whereas the stainless-steel PRO Stealth Curved Performance version shares the Team’s carbon-reinforced polymer base but is set on stainless-steel rails. These are a mere 43g heavier but offer a more robust build quality.

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Both Curved versions have a slightly narrower nose than the original Stealth models. Additionally, the new Stealth Curved also offers a broad and hollow anatomic recess area with a triple carbon-reinforced bridge structure to relieve pressure in the perineal region.

Mark Kikkert, PRO Product Development team manager:

“In our pressure mapping studies with we saw a lot of professional and competitive riders who have a tendency to shift from left-to-right as they pedal. Whilst this is a fairly natural movement for some, it can also be less efficient for others. Our Griffon saddle is designed to compensate for that but we also wanted that stability from a saddle that offers a more aerodynamic position. That’s why the Stealth Curved was created.

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“The curved profile gives riders more of a supported cradle to prevent excess side to side movement. The short nose of the Stealth saddles provides riders with increased comfort and fewer pressure points in a deep aerodynamic position.”

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Next-generation Stealth saddles

The next generation Stealth Team and Performance saddles have been re-engineered with a new base construction. The saddle retains the same contact points and riding feel as the first-generation Stealth but the base now includes a 12% larger anatomic area to reduce pressure even further. The anatomic area is reinforced with a triple bridge design that adds rigidity and gives the saddle its distinctive look. The whole package with carbon rails comes in at 161 grams which is a 7.5% (11g) reduction compared to the previous generation.


Both the PRO Stealth Curved Team (PRSA0356 and PRSA0357) and Stealth Curved Performance (PRSA0354 and PRSA0355) come in 142mm and 152 mm wide versions, both of which feature a wide, stub nose and a broad anatomic fit recess with an iconic triple bridge design to ensure that flexible riders can tilt from the pelvis into a deep, pursuit style, position.

Next generation Stealth Team (PRSA0352, 142mm and PRSA0353, 152mm) saddles feature carbon reinforced polymer bases with carbon rails. The Stealth Performance (PRSA0350, 142mm and PRSA0351, 152mm) saddles feature stainless steel rails. Both models also utilise the broad anatomic fit recess triple bridge design.

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New Stealth models will be available at retailers from July onwards.

Visit the PRO Saddle Selector now to see if either of these Stealth shapes could be suited to your saddle upgrade or replacement needs:



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