PRO saddles give Team DSM the base to power performance in 2021

· Elite racing team using four saddles from PRO depending on the optimal position on the bike for different types of riders

· 30,000+ km test for PRO’s Griffon, Falcon, Turnix and Stealth

PRO will be supporting Team DSM (formerly Team Sunweb) in their efforts to race for World Tour victories in 2021 and beyond. The partnership sees PRO providing one of the pro peloton’s most exciting squads with saddles, giving  Team DSM’s World Tour men, World Tour women and development team riders the perfect perch for their unique anatomy and riding style.

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Guided by data from industry-leading scientific studies PRO has developed a range of road saddles to suit every rider perfectly. From Team DSM’s world-class athletes to keen amateurs and social riders, there is a saddle to suit all riding styles and bodies. The feedback gained from Team DSM’s elite cyclists has been used by the PRO designers and engineers to keep innovating and improving on PRO’s saddles. This partnership, at the highest level of the sport, therefore directly benefits all cyclists.

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Though they have access to the full range of PRO saddles the Team DSM riders typically choose from the Performance versions of the Falcon, Turnix and Griffon saddles, as well as the Stealth Carbon and Stealth Superlight models. Each of these is available in a range of widths and is optimized for various positions on the bike.

  • PRO’s Falcon Performance saddle allows riders including Casper Pedersen, Niklas Märkl and Thymen Arensman to tilt their pelvis forward in order to maintain a stable and aerodynamic aggressive position on the bike.
  • PRO’s Turnix Performance saddle is used by riders where the support of the horizontal curve helps them to optimize pelvic stability in their race position. Used by riders like Coryn Rivera, Nikias Arndt and Asbjørn Kragh Andersen, this saddle comes either as an anatomic recess design or in a traditional closed version.
  • PRO’s Griffon Performance saddle is designed to optimize comfort and stability during a more upright body position, for example on longer climbs. Riders like Nicholas Roche, Marco Brenner and Chad Haga use this saddle to optimize their climbing performance as it allows riders to move around more on the saddle, but remain comfortable regardless of where they settle.
  • PRO’s final saddle for Team DSM is the Stealth Carbon which features a short-nosed design and wide anatomic recess for riders who like to lay maximum power down in an aggressive race position with optimal pelvic support. Sprinters like Cees Bol, Nils Eekhoff and Alberto Dainese use this saddle.

“We are very happy to continue the relationship with PRO,” Team DSM’s Jente Rijpstra, Commerce Manager said. “We have a great working relationship with their product team and we’re delighted to see how our product feedback has been incorporated over the years in to the designs of the PRO saddles we’re riding this year. We are confident that PRO’s blend of performance, comfort and positioning will give Team DSM a competitive edge, especially as fatigue kicks in later in the season.” 

“Aside from being incredibly proud to see how the riders at Team DSM take time to understand our technologies and choose their saddles based on their characteristics we’re also thrilled to see our products performing again at the highest level,” Alexa Cunningham, PRO Marketing Manager added. “PRO has been providing world-class products to teams at the pinnacle of the sport since 1989 and we look forward to seeing our saddles in action on the bikes of riders like Romain Bardet, Tiesj Benoot, Coryn Rivera and Liane Lippert.”

“There has been a lot of change at Team DSM in the off-season,” Cunningham continued. “The team changed title sponsors and switched to SCOTT bikes. Being able to remain one of the squad’s consistent partners during this exciting period showcases PRO’s commitment to building lasting and productive relationships. It’s through the consistency of working with individual riders and professional teams that PRO is able to obtain reliable product feedback and continually evolve and improve our products.”

“With the 2021 cycling season having recently got underway we’re thrilled to see Team DSM in action and to see their riders performing on PRO saddles,” Cunningham concluded.


1. EMBARGO TIME/DATE: 10:00 CET, Tuesday 23rd February, 2021.

2. IMAGES: Copyright free images above available to use.

3. ABOUT PRO: Join the PRO Community and experience a better sports bicycle experience. Each one of our products is born from relentless research, development and testing, utilising the latest material and design technologies. From professional athletes to casual riders, whether you are racing or cycling to the shop, PRO’s components help ensure you get the most from your bike. Achieve the perfect fit. Select the most comfortable saddle. And keep your bicycle in show-room condition with PRO components, tools and accessories. For more information visit


• PRO offers you a better sports bicycle experience.

• PRO puts your needs at the centre of every product we develop.

• PRO relies on the feedback of riders to continually develop and refine products.

• Each PRO handlebar, stem and seatpost product boasts a Lifetime Warranty*

• 30-day Money-Back Guarantee on all PRO saddles.

• Everyone at PRO is as passionate about riding bikes as you are.

* Product expected lifetime 10 years.

5. About Team DSM: Team DSM are a German-licensed global professional cycling team operating at the highest level of the sport, with a unique scientific and innovative focus which is ideally implemented through a culture of true cooperation. With three programs - Men, Women and Development - under that same umbrella, the team are known for their Keep Challenging mantra: to redefine cycling through cooperation and innovation. The basis of this comes from grassroots development at their Keep Challenging Center and elite sports Campus in the Dreiländer region, in Limburg, where the world’s most promising talents are developed into the best that they can be. Ethics also lay at the heart of their organization, having always worked to the intensified ethical standards of the Movement for Credible Cycling (MPCC). Team DSM are a founding shareholder of Velon; many new and young fans throughout the world are starting to follow professional cycling through modern novelties which are being introduced in cycling by Velon.

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