Virtual sensation to race and train with PRO as he continues his quest to start a Grand Tour

Virtual cycling superstar Ion Göttlich, all one hundred and something kilograms of him, has joined the PRO team. After missing out on selection for Bora-Hansgrohe’s 2019 Tour de France team this digitally animated creation is reevaluating his goals. This year will see Göttlich putting PRO’s products through their paces on the track, road and perhaps even on some mountain and gravel adventures.

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The flamboyant rider has been filmed riding PRO’s Vibe handlebar, stem and seatpost as well as a PRO Stealth Superlight saddle already.  Given his massive frame and huge legs the power Göttlich delivers through the pedals is simply otherworldly. The PRO components have more than lived up to his prima donna standards; delivering on the all-important strength-to-weight ratios and in the case of the Vibe Aero handlebar, the aerodynamic qualities every world-class sprinter demands.


“Brands are looking for digital influencers to expand their online reach, so we took that concept to the extreme” joked PRO Marketing Manager Alexa Cunningham. “We’re really excited by the opportunities presented by working with Ion and his CGI animator Claudio Pavan. He’s a larger than life character who will take PRO components into unchartered territories either in digital races against fellow virtual creations or in simulated rides with some of our other PRO sponsored riders and ambassadors. Ion’s role will obviously be less to do with rigorous product testing and more to do with showcasing and using PRO products in a fun way.”

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“Well, honestly last year was a huge year for me and when it came to an end, I felt deflated and a little lost”  Göttlich confessed. “I was not sure what was next after trying out for Bora and my gig at Eurosport, so I took a few months off to think. When Alexa called me, it sparked up my creativity. I’d love to have some more fun in the industry and PRO is the perfect fit. I’m eager to keep rubbing my broad shoulders with the other PRO riders in the peloton and I’d like to learn more about the technical aspects of modern bicycle components. I’m fascinated by how today’s components can be both super light and able to cope with my immense power.”

Göttlich’s adventures will no doubt see him join various PRO product launches and other special PRO moments throughout the year. There is “virtually,” no limit to the big man’s enthusiasm. So be sure to follow his antics on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok at @iongottlich. To find out more about Ion Göttlich and to watch his back catalogue of videos, visit


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