The shoes that say ‘welcome to cycling’

New SHIMANO RC3 and RC1 Road shoes and XC3 and XC1 MTB shoes promise comfort and power transfer for riders getting into cycling

Dedicated racing cycling shoes are typically the first piece of kit that identify ‘cyclists’ from those who simply ride bikes, which makes the choice of entry level shoe an important step towards unlocking the performance potential of a rider. That’s why SHIMANO has updated its competitive entry-level road and cross-country kicks with features and technologies trickled down from the company’s elite level professional shoe lines.

Road Competition shoes:

Proving their class on first impressions, the most immediate thing to notice is how the new RC3 (RC300) and RC1 (RC100) models share similar looks and features to the SHIMANO S-PHYRE shoes worn many by Pro Tour professionals.

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Of course, emulating the look of a pro is one thing, but emulating the performance is quite another. To help in that regard though the RC3 comes with:

  • a micro-adjustable Boa L6 dial in the mid-outer section which enables riders to find the perfect fit even whilst riding
  • a surround wrapping upper, seamless midsole construction and glass fibre reinforced nylon sole provide for comfort
  • a low-stack midsole providing extra stability and control when the speed goes up,

All these features are trickled down from SHIMANO’s premium models, meaning that the RC3 can stake a serious claim for that sweet spot shoe that brings comfort on big rides and delivers efficient power transfer when you put the hammer down.

RC3: Stiffness: 6/12, weight: 243g. Size availability: Men’s, 36-52; women’s, 35-44; wide versions 36-52. Colours available: Black, White, Red

The RC1 on the other hand is more towards the comfort end of the spectrum with:

  • triple Velcro straps for an adjustable fit
  • a breathable mesh upper shell to keep your feet in place without too much pressure
  • a outsole similar to the RC3 models, which brings power output and comfortable walkability with it’s 6/12 rated stiffness sole

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Overall the RC1 offers a great mix of day-to-day ease of use, comfort and value for money.

RC1: weight: 238g. Size availability: Men’s, 36-50; women’s, 36-44. Colours available: Black, Yellow, Navy

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Off-road Competition shoes:

The XC models also feature the DNA of the premium S-PHYRE MTB range, with high-end looks and the capability to deliver performance.

The XC3 features:

  • a Boa L6 dial for micro-adjustability on the go
  • SHIMANO’s Dynalast fitting to reduce fatigue over longer distances.
  • a low stack height (thanks to the removal of the lasting board) which stabilizes the foot for better power transfer
  • toe and heel protection and tough lugs so the XC3 can shrug off dirt, mud and anything else thrown at it.

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The XC3 is available in Black and Navy colours. Stiffness: 5/12, weight: 332g. Size availability: Men’s, 36-52; women’s, 35-44; wide versions 36-52.

Like the RC1, the XC1 recognises that comfort and ease of use are the essential feature of a pair of shoes, and it gets that spot on with:

  • three offset Velcro straps to reduce tension yet spread the tightening force across the foot upper
  • an upper fashioned from perforated synthetic leather for great breathability and fit
  • a lightweight glass fiber reinforced nylon sole with rubber XC outsole to promote a stable pedal engagement, secure walking grip and assured power transfer.

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The XC1 is available in Black and Red colours. RC1: Stiffness: 5/12, weight: 334g. Size availability: Men’s, 38-50; women’s, 36-44.

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