Lazer's new Bullet helmet launches at Tour de France

A magic bullet, a silver bullet, a speeding bullet, this is LAZER’s Bullet.

LAZER helmets will present its new aero helmet, the Bullet, on stage 2 of the 2017 Tour de France in Dusseldorf, Germany. The newest offering enriches the quiver of helmets offered on the high end of LAZER’s range providing the competitive cyclist a technically advanced aerodynamic option for the road.

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Cyclists today are savvy and demand the most out of their equipment to gain every legal advantage over Mother Nature’s forces, in this case aerodynamic drag. The Bullet was designed with painstaking attention to detail in order to give the rider every aerodynamic advantage without sacrificing comfort or style. This is LAZER’s creed- innovation at every turn for nearly 100 years.

Aerodynamic without sacrificing comfort

The aero road helmet is not a new concept, the amount of wattage gained through the use of one are some of the largest of any equipment a cyclist can use vs the price point. Designing a helmet that pushes the boundaries of the traditional road helmet, creating something of a hybrid of road and TT helmet is a therefore a necessary part of any high-end performance helmet manufactures’ line.

As our understanding of aerodynamic forces and how to fight against these factors increases, the parameters of design are pushed to new horizons. The Bullet eschews the typical venting for a sleeker design with unbroken surfaces creating the positives of less drag and more wattage gained for the cyclist.

In response to the loss of venting over the helmet, LAZER has designed the Bullet with a vent called the Air Slide in the front of the helmet. This can be not only open or closed to provide more ventilation when needed but can also be replaced by a completely Solid Air Slide replacement cap in order to offer the maximal aerodynamic advantage.

The performance of the Bullet against drag was carefully designed to not forfeit the user’s comfort even on a hot day with little breeze.

Two years of intense research and development in LAZER’s Antwerp HQ went into the production of the Bullet. Additionally, the Bullet has been rigorously tested in the wind tunnel at Flanders Bike Valley, in which LAZER is a founding partner, in order to ensure the technically advanced design is correct. The Bullet has also been tested by our top athletes, including Andre Greipel, for their feedback under the true conditions a cyclist faces while riding. Combining all available testing resources along with forward thinking innovation is the basis for all LAZER designs.

André Greipel: “There has been a cooperation between Lotto Soudal and Lazer for many years now. This is my seventh year with the team, so I’ve seen the evolution of the different helmets. Apart from the comfort, the aerodynamic advantage of the helmet is the most important feature and that was the purpose when the Bullet was developed. I’ve tested the new Bullet myself and discussed my feedback with the developers at Lazer. Sharing knowledge and experience is an important part of a good cooperation"

With the addition of the Bullet helmet to the Lazer range, the Lotto Soudal and LottoNL-Jumbo teams are able to select their perfect helmet for every condition.

  • For road usage, the choices vary from the ultra-fast Bullet, the light and ventilated Z1 and the Z1 with Aeroshield.
  • During Time Trials riders can choose between the Wasp Air with long tail and the stubby Victor based on weather conditions, rider position and rider preferences

Technical specifications

•The Bullet comes in at a weight of 315 grams in size small

•Wattage gains for the Bullet vs the Z1 have been measured at 7watts at 45kmph and up to 10 watts better in a sprint

•Wattage gains for the Bullet with solid Air Slide replacement cap have been measured at another 5 to 6 watts more than with the Air Slide

•There will be 4 sizes- XS, S, M, L

•It includes two interchangeable ventilation Air Slides, one with convertible ventilation system and one solid.

•The rear cap has the ability to be customized for personalization of the helmet

•LifeBEAM compatible •249.95€ or 299.95€ MIPS version

•Retail availablity October 2017

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