Shimano announces change in its executive leadership

As a result of the 114th General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board of Directors, new  Representative Directors, including the President, have been appointed.

Shimano’s top management is undergoing official structural changes as of today, 30th March 2021.

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Former President, Yozo Shimano, will carry out the role of Shimano’s Chairman and CEO from now on. The presidency will be handed over to Taizo Shimano, who joined the company in 1991 and served as a Senior Executive Vice President after leading Shimano’s Fishing Tackle Division.

Additionally, Keiji Kakutani will assume the office as Senior Advisor, while his Deputy President position will be transferred to Takashi Toyoshima, who had experience of holding senior positions in Shimano’s Bicycle Components Division before acting as Senior Executive Vice President.

These organizational changes are aimed at enhancing the further growth of the company as well as strengthening its management base.

Taizo Shimano, the newly appointed President, said:

On March 21, 2021, Shimano celebrated the centennial anniversary of its founding. On this occasion, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for your generous support of Shimano over the past century. I also hope to inform you that on this important milestone for our company, I assumed the office of president.

“Shimano’s history originated in 1921, when its founder, Shozaburo Shimano, opened a small ironworks in Sakai, Osaka. Since the early days, when the founder began producing bicycle components, Shimano has constantly sought and developed various innovative technologies while expanding its markets throughout the world in the fields of bicycle components, fishing tackle, and rowing equipment.

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“Meanwhile, our way of manufacturing has been significantly impacted by the progress of digital technologies, such as those of IoT and AI. Moreover, we are urged to respond to changing views about enjoying outdoor sports, as well as changes in market trends and customers’ buying behaviors. Such changes are being accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been prevailing since last year.

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“Looking into the coming century, I believe that it is an urgent task for Shimano to radically innovate its manufacturing systems and improve its business efficiency by thoroughly adopting digital technologies so as to establish a corporate structure capable of meeting changing customer demands.

“At the same time, we must strive to create a sustainable society, adhering to the following tagline: Closer to Nature, Closer to People. Since our products are used for activities performed in natural settings we are especially aware of our responsibility for protecting the natural environment. Concurrently, we must also fulfill our responsibility as a global corporate citizen and contribute to local communities.

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“On the centennial anniversary, Shimano made the first step towards its second century.

"In line with Shimano’s mission, ‘to promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us,’ we will continue to propose Captivating Products that meet changing customer demands to help them lead healthy and enriched lives. We will also work to long sustain Shimano as a Value Creating Company that creates new cycling and fishing cultures.”



1.       Embargo: For release on TUESDAY, MARCH 30TH, 2021


2.       About Shimano: Founded in 1921, Shimano is dedicated to helping its customers get closer to nature, supporting people to realize their dreams and create new lifestyles. That comes with the desire to create outstanding cycling products and apparel. With 100 years’ experience in creating internationally renowned bicycle components, Shimano is proud to have developed products that continue to take countless athletes to victory and provide the means for limitless global bicycle journeys. For more information see


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