From 1921 to 2021, Shimano achieves centennial milestone. Commemorative photobook now on sale, plus anniversary website now live.

In Sakai City, Japan, 1921, Shozaburo Shimano founded the company that bore his name. One hundred years on, Shimano now employs over 12,000 people at 51 consolidated manufacturing, research, sales and marketing companies across the world, whilst still being predominantly a family-owned company, under the leadership of Shimano president Yozo Shimano.

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In the intervening years between 1921 to 2021 Shimano created a number of products that left a lasting legacy on the cycling industry.

Starting with the 3.3.3. freewheel and moving onto innovations such as 3-speed hubs, indexed shifting system, Dual Control levers, Hyperglide cassettes, Di2 shifting and SPD pedals, these technologies became ubiquitous in the cycling industry, as well as becoming synonymous with best-in-class products.

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On this anniversary though you won’t find Shimano hosting parties or lavish celebrations. The company will continue to do what it is known for, working on outstanding technology and letting its products do the talking.


However, it goes without saying that Shimano is incredibly proud and passionate about the products it has created – not to mention humbled by the passion its customers have for its technologies – and to commemorate the achievement, Shimano shines a light on some of the highlights during the last 100 years via a new website and a limited edition photobook, SHIMANO 100 WORKS, released by Shimano to celebrate its centennial anniversary.

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Only 2000 of the photobooks will be available via pre-registration and a lottery selection. The contents of the commemorative photobook provide the historical background to some of Shimano’s most ground-breaking products.

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The SHIMANO 100 WORKS commemorative photobook contains 264 pages (333mm × 265mm × 30mm) is available only via a lottery draw. Registration for the lottery can be made via

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Furthermore, Shimano fans will be able to delve into the technologies and backstories within many of their favorite products via the new website. Not only are 100 iconic products displayed with beautiful photography but readers can also find out more about Shozaburo Shimano’s history and the activities Shimano engages in to support the wider cycling world.

Yozo Shimano, President, Shimano Inc.:

“Greetings on the Centennial of Shimano’s Founding. On March 21, 2021, Shimano celebrates its centennial anniversary.

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“On this occasion, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for the exceptional support that you have extended to Shimano for so many years.

“The history of Shimano originated in 1921, when its founder, Shozaburo Shimano, opened a small ironworks in Sakai, Osaka. He built a base of our bicycle components business by taking on various challenges, including the initial challenge of producing bicycle freewheels, which were basically imported to Japan at that time.

“Over the past century, Shimano has experienced radical changes in its business and social environments. Despite these changes, we have been constantly pursuing technological innovation to manufacture high-quality, dependable products for our customers while upholding the corporate mission: 'to promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us.

“Today, we see increasing numbers of people becoming more and more environment- and health-conscious. Moreover, because of the pervading sense of stagnation, many people have begun to pay keener attention than ever to cycling and fishing, regarding them as means to relieve themselves from stress and refresh their body and mind. “In this environment, Shimano is fully aware of the vital importance of fulfilling its role to promote healthy and enriched lifestyles by supplying its products and to help create a sustainable society.

“On the centennial anniversary, which we regard as the starting line for the next century, Shimano adopted a new Corporate Brand Logo, featuring a tricolor line of light green, blue, and deep blue, which respectively symbolize the land, the sky, and the sea. These colors also represent Shimano’s worldview that it pursues to realize.

“Finally, we are determined to pass on to future generations the manufacturing spirit and technology that we have inherited from the founder and to evolve Shimano further as a development-oriented digital manufacturing company, dedicated to value creation, particularly the creation of new and enriched cycling and fishing cultures. In these endeavors, I would appreciate your continued support.”

During such a significant anniversary Shimano will of course present further exciting moments later in the year. Shimano looks forward to engaging with its customers and celebrating the positivity of cycling at shows and events in the near future.


1.  Embargo: Monday, March 22nd, 2021 11:00h CET

2.  Images: many historic images can be downloaded here:

3.  About Shimano: Founded in 1921, Shimano is dedicated to helping its customers get closer to nature, supporting people to realize their dreams and create new lifestyles. That comes with the desire to create outstanding cycling products and apparel. With 100 years’ experience in creating internationally renowned bicycle components, Shimano is proud to have developed products that continue to take countless athletes to victory and provide the means for limitless global bicycle journeys. For more information see

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