New Deore XT, SLX, Deore, Alivio, Acera & Altus components expand off-road & trail possibilities

With new Deore, Alivio, Acera, Altus and non-series components, Shimano expands the versatility and fun to be found at multiple levels of trail and off-road riding. 

DEORE M6000 series

Designed around the concept of performance and leisure, new Deore M6000 is for trail riders and MTB enthusiasts, MTB commuters and outdoor leisure riders who need daily durability to cope with rough roads, rain, sand and the worst that nature can throw at you. Deore M6000 remains as a 10-speed groupset but with some innovative features for confident, smooth, flexible riding with limitless possibilities. 

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The 2x10 drivetrain (FC-M6000) adopts the family look of XTR, XT and SLX drivetrains with a sleek four-arm Hollowtech II one-piece composite design in 3 size options (38-28T, 36-26T, 34-24T) and an alternative 3mm outboard Boost version.

Meanwhile the 3x10 drivetrain takes on a unique, aggressive look offering 40-30-22T for a wide range of riding styles. Both drivetrains combine with a new wider range 11-42T 10-speed Dyna-Sys cassette (CS-HG500) as well as three other 11-36/34/32T cassette options.

2x10 and 3x10-speed gear changes are handled by a Shadow RD+ derailleur in the rear (RD-M6000-GS) offering improved chain stability and retention. Up front, three derailleur swing options (top, down and side) can be combined with five types of mount options (high, low, direct mount, e-type and a new mid-type) to offer cable routing and/or satisfy new manufacturing requirements such as rear suspension or tyre clearance.

Shifting operation comes from Rapidfire Plus shift levers (SL-M6000) with a visual display for gear choice. Control comes from new hydraulic brakes with Servo wave high power levers (BL-M6000) and heat insulated callipers (BR-M6000) designed to accommodate Ice Technologies brake pads.

Hubsets (HB-M6000/10, FH-M6000/10) complete the group with a 100x15mm E-Thru axle option at the front and centre-lock mounts for easy rotor installation. 

Non-series MTB additions

Wheel line ups are expanded with two new 29” and 27.5” Deore XT Boost-spec wider e-thru options. The front wheels are stiffer with a 10mm width expansion and a 110x15 e-thru axle whilst rear wheels are 6mm wider with 148x12 axles. New rear e-thru axles (AX-MT700 and AX-MT500) are also added with smaller housing, lighter weight and greater clearance for frame and brake callipers.In terms of drivetrains, designed at SLX level is a new wide range 11-46T cassette (CS-M7000) for 1x11 set-ups.

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At a similar grade to the new Deore group comes a new 2x11 two-piece 36-26T front crankset (FC-MT600) with abrasion-resisting teeth and Dyna-Sys shifting in Boost and Standard dimensions, as well as a new closer step 2x10 36-26T front crankset (FC-MT500). Combined with the FC-MT500 crankset is a hydraulic disc brake set (BR-MT500) offering a non-series version of the Deore BR-M6000 hydraulic brakes. New pedals (PD-ED500) too offer a Deore-grade double-sided light action SPD model. 

New drivetrain options for Alivio, Acera and Altus

At Alivio (M4000) and Acera (M3000) level riders covering trail and urban short-to-middle distances now have the option of a 2x9 speed 36-22T (FC-M4050 two-piece or FC-M3000 square-type) crankset with 3mm outboard chain line to fit larger tyre sizes.

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New 9-speed 11-36T Hyperglide cassettes (CS-HG400/201-9), light-action shifters (SL-M4010/M3010-L) and side swing front derailleurs (FD-MT400-E/D) with increased tire clearance complete the groupsets. 

Meanwhile at Altus level (M2000) a new ninth-speed MEGALITE gear puts you in command of your stylish 3x9 drivetrain. The 40-30-22T chainset combines with a new large sprocket on the 11-36T rust-resistant cassette (CS-HG200-9/201-9) and a new rear derailleur with Shadow RD technology gives it a low profile position out of harm’s way. 

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