New kicks to boost your ride and keep you fresh

Shimano IC501 Indoor Cycling Shoes Pump Up the Power and Performance

Includes New FUZE Anti-Bacterial Treatment

Time is valuable. Whether at work or at play, you strive to get the most out of every day. And indoor cycling workouts are no exception. For those who take these intense sessions seriously, Shimano introduces the redesigned, top-of-the-line IC501 indoor cycling shoe that features a revolutionary new eco-friendly, non-toxic, chemical-free anti-bacterial treatment.

Whether clipping in for an hour of power in your home workout space or giving your absolute all during a high-intensity class at your favorite studio, the redesigned SPD-compatible IC501 is the no-compromise choice for serious indoor cyclists. These purpose-built performance shoes help you push harder, ride further, and challenge yourself every time you get on the bike. And now, you don’t have to worry about that post-workout funk thanks to FUZE technology—a permanent treatment that adheres to the IC501 upper material and zaps odor-causing bacteria, fungus, and mildew, helping your shoes last longer and keeping your feet fresher.

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Boosted Performance

No matter where you ride, efficient power transfer is critical to cycling success. Thanks to a stiff full-length, reinforced plate along the IC501 sole, you can rest assured there’s no wasted energy between you and your bike. The refined fit and solid pedaling platform of the IC501 helps you achieve that coveted maximum efficiency, getting the most watts out of every pedal stroke.

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FUZE Technology

Shimano’s new IC501 indoor cycling shoes are also the first shoe of its kind to incorporate innovative FUZE technology. This eco-friendly, non-toxic, chemical-free treatment permanently adheres to surfaces and zaps odor-causing bacteria, fungus, and mildew, helping extend the life of your shoe. FUZE is also proven to speed evaporation, further enhancing the cooling effect of these best-in-class indoor cycling shoes. So, ditch that funky locker room smell and instead clip in for every workout feeling fresh and ready to perform at your best.

Superior Fit

Constructed with a soft and breathable mesh upper, the Shimano IC501 shoe wraps your foot for a comfortable and secure fit while also wicking away sweat and drawing air in. Reduced foot movement means less wasted energy, and along with the BOA L6K closure system and wide instep strap, your foot will stay glued in place even when you’re putting out maximum power.

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With an easy twist of the dial, the BOA makes micro-adjustments that tighten or loosen the shoe to help you find the perfect fit every time. And when your cycling session is done, simply pull the BOA dial to release the shoe for a quick change, so you can get on with your day.


The IC501 inspires confidence off the bike, too. Developed specifically for indoor use, and compatible with 2-hole SPD cleats, these shoes utilize a grippy, full-length rubber outsole and a recessed cleat that sits flush with the sole to make walking on slick, sweat-splattered fitness studio floors worry-free.

Mixed Last Design

The new Shimano IC501 indoor cycling shoes utilize a mixed last construction designed for a wide range of foot shapes and sizes. They come in women's sizes 36-41 and men's 42-48 for a superior, custom-like fit.

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Availability and Where to Buy

Shimano IC501 shoes are available now and can conveniently be purchased through the Shimano Indoor Cycling store, by clicking here.


  • IC5 Mixed Last Fit
  • Women's Fit: Sizes 36-41
  • Men's Fit: Sizes 42-48
  • Colors: Black, Ice Grey, and Wine Red
  • Weight: 279g (Size 40)
  • MSRP: $135 / £119.99 / A$219.95 AUD
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  • Long-lasting, FUZE anti-bacterial
  • Breathable, elastic sock mesh upper
  • Secure inset strap with BOA® L6K dial for firm holding force
  • SPD rubber outsole
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To download images of the IC501 indoor cycling shoe, please visit: IC501 Product & Lifestyle Images


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