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Shimano’s origins began in 1921 when Shimano Iron Works, the predecessor of Shimano Inc., was established by Shozaburo Shimano in Sakai city, Osaka, Japan. The first product was the bicycle freewheel, which, at that time, required the highest level of bicycle technology to produce.

By the 1950s the company was producing products such as external speed changers and internal speed changers (3-speed hub). The success of these products led to Shimano’s first overseas sales office, Shimano American Corporation (currently Shimano North America Holding, Inc.) in 1965, followed by Shimano Europe in 1973. The first overseas manufacturing base, Shimano Singapore Pte. Ltd., also opened in the same year.

In 1991, the company name became Shimano Inc. Its headquarters remain in Sakai, the city of Shimano’s birthplace. Shimano is dedicated to helping its customers get closer to nature, supporting people to realize their dreams and create new lifestyles. That comes with the desire to create outstanding cycling products and apparel.

Shimano Inc. has a wide range of functions, including planning, development, design, manufacturing, and various other support functions for supplying bicycle components as well as fishing tackle and rowing equipment.

Shimano Europe acts as the 'eyes, ears and mouth' of the global Team Shimano in Europe. Its mission is to be an excellent supplier and a valuable partner for all customers in its European markets and to create consumer demand for Shimano and Shimano-owned products.

With almost 100 years’ experience in creating internationally renowned bicycle components, Shimano is proud to have developed products that continue to take countless athletes to victory and provide the means for limitless global bicycle journeys. Visit http://cycle.shimano-eu.com for more information.

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Le Shimano City Tour est de retour.

Shimano France lance la 2ème édition de son Shimano City Tour ! Retrouvez-nous cette année pour découvrir et tester gratuitement nos systèmes pour vélos à assistance électrique.


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