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Lazer celebrates its anniversary with Century events

2019 is the anniversary year for Belgian helmet manufacturer Lazer. Since 1919, they have seen the evolution in cycling from zero protection to the high-end, lightweight safety products of today. A century of expertise has crafted Lazer to masters of helmet innovation, leading the way in product design.

As a part of Lazer’s 100 year celebration, Lazer distributors in the Benelux and Spain will host special Century events to offer consumers a unique and exclusive experience.

Lazer Century Ride - Cross the Flemish Ardennes with Eli Iserbyt

To celebrate their 100th birthday, Lazer, Shimano Benelux and the Belgian cycling magazine Grinta! will join forces to host a 100km ride through the famous Flemish Ardennes. Starting in Geraardsbergen, a peloton of 100 cyclists will tackle the area deep into the Pays des Collines, between Geraardsbergen and Ronse. Any cycling enthousiast will know that this is one of the regions with those typical short and steep hills, which gave the Ronde van Vlaanderen its epic image. In total, around 1,000m of elevation gain will be achieved, at an average speed of around 26 km/h, all in beautiful scenery.

This group ride will be guided by experienced riders and motorcyclists; backup is available by a technical team. As specials guests, Belgian Cycling president Tom Van Damme en former U23 CX World Champion Eli Iserbyt will join the Century Ride. Before, after and during the ride, refreshments are arranged for the participants, so they will be energized throughout the entire journey.

Practical information:

-          Start: May 25th at 9:15AM (open from 8:30AM)

-          Package cost: €15

-          Participants must have insurance ‘burgerlijke aansprakelijkheid aan derden’

-          In total: 100 riders, 100km, 1,000m altitude difference

-          Guided ride

-          Support by car and motorbike

-          Extensive catering

-          Sportfoods and drinks by SIS

-          Personal handlebar ID

-          Goodiebag

-          Photo service

-          Post-ride raffle included

For more information or participation, visit (Dutch)

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Lazer Century Gravel Journey

During the famous Sea Otter Europe bike festival in beautiful Girona, an iconic gravel ride will be organized by Lazer with its Spanish distributor, Macario Llorente. This ride is a highlight for Lazer’s 100th anniversary, which means all participants will wear the special Shimano-themed Lazer Century helmet.

The course will take a total of 100 riders over 100 kilometers, and features as much gravel tracks as open asphalt roads. In a non-competitive atmosphere, participants will ride around the stunning scenery of Girona whilst being supported by guides and mechanics. The roads are slightly inclining towards the halfway mark, so the 16 kilometer climb of 4% average should be no problem for anyone. Right before the climb, the first of three stops is held to refresh the participants. After this, the long climb is undertaken and just before the top there’s the ‘feeding zone’. An exquisite brunch is prepared at the Masía Taverna del Subirà, so the riders can start replenished on the second part of the ride. The third stop is again for refreshments, around 78 kilometers. By then, almost all of the 1,700 meters of inclination will have been completed, and the ride will ease down on the way to Girona.

This event is a perfect addition to the already impressive Sea Otter Europe festival. Last year, more than 380 brands and 190 booths were visited by 50,000 people in the 26km² area. Because of the fantastic weather, beautiful scenery and vivid cycling atmosphere, this ride is an excellent opportunity to be indulged even more in the gravel and road racing vibe.

Practical information:

-          Start: June 1st at 9AM

-          Package cost: €100

-          In total: 100 riders, 100km, 1,700m altitude diff

-          Two extensive drink stops

-          One mid-ride brunch by Masía Taverna del Subirà

-          Insurance included

-          Technical assistance included by Shimano’s ‘Coches Azules’

-          Sports Nutrition by Named Sport included

-          Lazer Century Shimano edition (black & blue) helmet included

-          Participants welcome pack with Lazer t-shirt, beer glass and cycling cap included

For more information or participation, visit (Spanish)

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