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Lazer Bullet 2.0: The aero road helmet re-invented.

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The Lazer Bullet 2.0 helmet provides an answer to the age-old dilemma of ventilation versus aerodynamics. With its narrow shape and closed shell, it is a seriously aerodynamic helmet but a quick adjustment to the Airslide system turns it into a helmet with sufficient ventilation to tackle short climbs on warmer days.

The Lazer Bullet 2.0 helmet offers everything the first generation Bullet helmet had to offer, but pushes each feature to a higher level. It finds an even better balance between performance, comfort and safety.

Closing the unique Airslide increases the aerodynamic performance and transfers the Bullet 2.0 from a well-ventilated helmet into a sprint helmet. When ventilation is required, the Airslide system can be utilized to open up the front of the helmet and create an airflow throughout through the helmets supported by exhaust vents at the rear.

When aerodynamics is the ultimate goal, the entire Airslide system can be exchanged for a fully closed cap, creating an even more aerodynamic version of the helmet. In this configuration, the Bullet 2.0 gains over 7 Watt compared to a Z1 at a speed of 58,68 km/h. In other words, it gives the rider an advantage of approximately 8 meters in the last kilometer, meaning the difference between win or defeat.

Besides the Airslide adjustability the helmet features a fully redesigned interior with a smart air channelling system, that increases and distributed more airflow inside the helmet. The Formula 1 inspired Venturi rear top cap ensures additional air acceleration through the helmet, adding up on ventilation and comfort. As a result, the thermal heat loss of the Bullet 2.0 obliterates the original Bullet helmet by not less than 11% and even 4% versus the Z1.

A side note to this is that even with that thermal heat loss the closed shell of the helmet provides better protection from direct sunlight and UV rays. They might not be so harmful on small Flemish roads, but in hot and sunny regions, UV rays create a potentially hazardous situation.

The inclusion of a magnetic lens system on the helmet does not only provide additional aerodynamic performance, but also optical clarity on the road.  The shield lens design wraps around the face and provides protection from the elements and dirt on the road. This lens can be docked at the back of the helmet when it is not wanted, so you always have it when needed.

Lastly, to improve the comfort of the helmet the Advanced Turnfit System received a newly designed front headband to provide a snug, yet comfortable fit for the duration of your ride. This updated fit system is combined with an integrated rear LED light to match safety with comfort!

The Bullet 2.0 had its debut during the Down Under Classic, where Team Sunweb and Team Jumbo Visma kicked off Lazer’s 100-anniversary year by wearing a special edition of the Bullet 2.0. 

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·         8 vents + Airslide system

·         Venturi and spare top caps included

·         Smart internal ventilation channelling

·         Advanced Turnfit® system with standard rear LED

·         Reflective logo’s (flash yellow and black colourways only)

·         Optical lens as standard

·         Sizes: S / M / L

·         Weight: 375g (S)

·         CE/ CPSC/ AS certified

For more product shots, please visit the link below:

Favicon for Bullet 2.0 product

For more information on Lazer brand and products visit or contact Nico Dierickx through or +32 473 82 31 54)

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